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watabokuが明かす、アーティストとしての原点 / Tutorial of wataboku's work "VSI"


2015年からTwitter/InstagramなどのSNSを中心に、神秘的な女性を描いたアート作品を公開しているwataboku。2016年12月には初のアートブック『感0』を刊行し、同月に初の個展『きみ、あなた、おまえ』を開催。その後アジア諸国での大きな反響に応えるべく、今年2月からアジアツアーをスタートさせた。NightTimeでは、watabokuのこれまでの活動や制作を振り返りつつ、現在バンコクで開催中の『感0 -KANZERO-』(2月24日~3月25日)のために描き下ろした作品『VSI』の制作過程に注目した。まるで月夜の光に照らされる少女の世界を表しているようだ。一体どのような思いが込められているのか。watabokuのルーツを辿りつつ、作品の世界観を解く。

Since 2015, mainly on SNS such as Twitter / Instagram, we are publishing art works depicting mysterious women. In December 2016, I published the first art book "KANZERO" and held the first solo exhibition "You, You, You" in the same month. Since then Asia Tour began in February in order to respond to the big reaction in Asian countries. At NightTime, while looking back on the activities and production of wataboku so far, the work "VSI" drawn for " KANZERO" (February 24 - March 25) currently being held in Bangkok I focused on the production process. It seems like it represents a world of girls illuminated by the light of the moonlit night. What kind of thoughts are being put together? Following the roots of wataboku, solve the world view of the work.


Artist / Art direcor


Nostalgic school uniform Japanese girls' illustrations are impressive Japanese artists. We publish works on SNS and are collecting echoes each time. In addition to original works, we also actively collaborate with models and artists, holding the first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2016. After that, in addition to exhibitions in various parts of the country, solo exhibitions abroad are also held. First art book "KANZWERO" is on sale from Pony Canyon. He is also an art director

Twitter / Instagram / wataboku 公式サイト

MC / yutaishikawa
Speaker / wataboku
Illustration / 『VSI』

線画 - Line drawing


着彩 - Coloring


描き込み - Narrowing draw


色調調整 - Color tone adjustment


フィルター - Filter


参考 - Reference

『今夜、君に殺されたとしても』- 瀬川コウ


『無色透明』 - 南波志帆